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Nail Services

Mini Manicure
(cuticle, shaping and polish)
Spa Manicure
(cuticles, shaping, paraffin, massage and polish)
Mini Pedicure
(cuticle, shaping and polish)
Spa Pedicure
(cuticle, shaping, exfoliate, massage and polish)
Spa Manicure and Pedicure$60.00
CND Shellac$25.00
New Set Acrylic or Gel$30.00
Acrylic or Gel Fill$25.00
New Set Color, French Acrylic or Gel$35.00
Color, French Acrylic or Gel Fill$30.00
Nail Repair$5.00
Polish Change$7.50

formaldehyde, dibutyl phatalate and camphor.
Our implement sanitation and disinfection procedures are according to the State Board of  Barbering and Cosmetology.
Pedicure tub uses biodegradable liners to protect the safety our guests.*